About Us

CyberFortress is an insuretech startup based in San Antonio, TX.

We're building a new kind of online business interruption policy designed for small business.

Narrowly-focused and parametric in nature, this policy will begin paying out within 24 hours of a cyber incident - providing valuable cash-on-hand to help our customers weather the immediate storm.

To do this, we're also building a new way to model online cyber risk.

We're building a machine that continuously collects the evidence of technology choices ecommerce businesses make - thousands of features per domain - and makes sense of this noise via machine learning.

We believe that it is these behavioral vectors over time (not a point-in-time snapshot of a business's technology footprint) that best proxy cyber risk.

We then use this prediction to determine pricing and generate a risk score that any business owner can use to lower their risk of downtime.

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