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UX Designer

San Antonio, TX

We are looking for a UX designer to be a part of the product team focused on transforming one of the most hated consumer experiences in the world, insurance buying, into one of the most delightful consumer experiences in the world.


  • At least 1 year in product design or UX
  • Fluency in standard UX software
  • Willingness to take risks
  • A priority on elegance in design
  • Imagination

About CyberFortress

CyberFortress was formed to be a new kind of company to tackle a big problem. Insurance is one of the most painful and hated experiences in modern life. We want to change that. But we don’t think we can change the insurance industry without first changing ourselves. So we have thrown out a lot of the startup playbook: No founder dictators. No managers. No vesting handcuffs. No work obsession leading to burnout. No living in a future that doesn’t exist.

We are a community of owners engaged in a common project and governed through thoughtful and open debate rather than top-down managers. We want every employee-owner to have a rich life of which work is an integral and fulfilling part.

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