Frequently Asked Questions

What is downtime?

Downtime is our term for when your website isn’t functioning. This impacts your ability to collect revenue from digital sources, which we think is one of the essential business risks of our time.

I wasn’t able to get an assessment? Why?

Our assessment is intended for active businesses with a web presence. So personal email addresses such as or won’t return an assessment nor will any domains that aren’t functional.

What factors affect my score?

Simply put: all of your behaviors through history! Every business leaves fingerprints all across the internet pertaining to their technology choices from the moment they get online. This forms the foundation of our assessment. But our model is behaviorally focused so what matters is not simply your technology choices but how those have changed through time and the pace of those changes. That’s what affects your score.

Who is the downtime risk assessment intended for?

We are focused on protecting smaller ecommerce companies, so the risk score is really meant for businesses like that. Now, our data collectors scour the entire internet so it will return scores for any business domain, but our model was trained to predict the risk of downtime for ecommerce companies and as a result may be of limited utility to large corporations or those who have a small web presence.

What should I do with my assessment?

Sit down with whoever is responsible for your IT security and walk through the summary with them line by line. Patterns will emerge around positive and negative behaviors that will help you address potential issues.

I have a low score, should I change all my technology?

Not necessarily. Our model doesn’t just take a static snapshot of technology choices but also analyzes behaviors through history so a high score is less about your technology at one point in time than it is about a consistent pattern of good behaviors over time. Our model is continuously collecting and analyzing data, including yours, so stay tuned to your score because it could change!