A new insurance for your virtual storefront

Get your online revenue covered in minutes. Claims paid within 24 hours of an unexpected downtime event.

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Your website is your storefront. Protect it.

Like a good chess player, a good business owner stays 10 steps ahead. CyberFortress is your check against downtime.

Website revenue

You can’t afford to lose incoming revenue from your site. Your customers are only buying more online so you must be prepared to handle an unexpected downtime event.

Staying ahead of your challenges in e-commerce hinges on knowing the threats to your website uptime and planning around them. You need to manage your risk with foresight.

You need to understand the threats to your website and be proactive to protect it. From human error on your team to issues outside your control like a cloud provider failure or 3rd party plugin issue - managing risk is more critical than ever.

How it works

We know how hard buying insurance is and how painful making a claim can be. That's why we built a simple policy that you can sign up for in minutes! We then monitor your website for downtime, enabling a super fast claims experience!

Apply with just your online revenue and email address

A downtime event triggers the coverage on your policy

We pay your claim within 24 hours via ACH payment

A US Property & Casualty business interruption claim takes on average 5 months for the claim to be paid. *

*Aon, internal estimates for 2014-2019

Our game-changing approach

We make it payouts fast.

We payout fast

Have you ever had to file and wait on an insurance claim to be paid out?

CyberFortress commits to paying out your claim within 24 hours, getting cash in your hands to start solving problems immediately.

We make it payouts fast.

We make it easy to have stability.

We make it easy to understand

In e-commerce, you are pulled in a million different directions at one time. Product. Shipping. Marketing. Customer Retention. It’s a lot.

There’s no time to investigate and decipher insurance policies, but you know you have revenue that your business relies on. Our policy is designed to provide your business the stability it needs when your website is down.

CyberFortress downtime notification

We are on your side

Firstly, we know when your website goes down before you do. And let you know right away.

We monitor the technology choices in your site and leverage AI and machine learning to help you assess how vulnerable you are to downtime. We identify what factors contribute to your risk and respond to the adjustments you make to keep your website up and running.

CyberFortress downtime notification